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We specialize in wood and steel.

Every project aims to conform to the architectural style of the house/structure.


All wood fences and gates can be made from a variety of woods, depending on the availability.


All large pedestrian gates, driveway gates are made using steel posts and framing.


Large security doors and permieter fences use sheet metal for security and privacy.

Common Redwood

Dog ear or flat top, rough on both sides


Also, comes in dog ear or flat top (rough on both sides).

Clear Redwood

Smooth on both sides with few, if any, knots

Premium and refine

Tongue and Groove

Clear redwood pre-cut with various types of interconnecting edges for complete privacy

Brazilian Ipe

An exotic rich, dense, hard wood

Wrought-Iron Fence and Gates

Galvanized steel tubes and rods to make posts, pickets, and rails


Raise the height of your existing brick, cement, or concrete walls with style using either wood or steel posts.

Pedestrian Gates

Designed for walkways, pedestrian gates can be all-wood, steel, or a combination of materials.

Driveway Gate

Large gates must use steel posts and frames to ensure a long life against hinge or post failure.

Privacy and Security

All metal design and construction, steel fences and gates may use solid sheet, perforated, or expanded, or metal.

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